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Lanoguard is an all-purpose anti-corrosive, lubricant, protectant and water proofing agent that delivers miraculous results in applications as varied as water-proofing shoes to its use as a welding anti-splatter agent. It can be used on all kinds of metals and leather, and other materials such as fiberglass.

Its principal ingredient is lanolin (wool grease), natural oil that has been used throughout the centuries for the protection of weapons, leather and timber. A combination of the natural miracle of lanolin and today's technology, Lanoguard is almost limitless in its capabilities.

As Lanoguard is made from a natural product it is non hazardous and non-regulated. It can be shipped anywhere, anytime without fuss.

Common applications include use as a:

  Rust preventive & inhibitor
Automotive maintenance
Marine growth inhibitor
Welding anti-splatter
Waterproofing and reconditioning agent
Rubber grease
Anti-oxidant (computer boards and electrical circuits)

If you would like further information about our company or its products, please contact us today on 09 422 6663.

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